Investing in our community is a key part of fulfilling our commitment to improving the lives of our consumers where they live, learn, work and play. Through charitable contributions of cash, product donations and employee time, we touch millions of lives by supporting communities around the globe. Our community initiatives have an emphasis on education, health and well-being and disaster relief, as well as making our communities cleaner and greener. 

Newell Brands’ employees’ generosity in time and effort do not stop at company-sponsored events. Because they are committed to helping the company be an exemplary corporate citizen, they can be found supporting a variety of community initiatives such as tutoring children, teaching adults work-related skills and reaching out during times of disaster. 

Global Day of Service
nb-philanthropy-cancer-walk-GDOS.jpgOur Global Day of Service is one of Newell Brands’ greatest volunteer events that allow our employees to come together and volunteer as one company on one day for one cause. Employee volunteerism has been a great way for our employees to partner with local organizations across the globe whose purpose is to improve the educational experience for youth and young adults. On the Global Day of Service, projects have included fixing up playgrounds, parks and classrooms at local schools; hosting book fairs; reading to young children; and donating writing products to schools in underserved areas around the world. We know that education is essential to enabling people to reach their full potential, and we are proud to play a supporting role with our concerted employee volunteer efforts.

When Disaster Strikes
nb-philanthropy-food-sort.jpgWe recognize that disasters can have a traumatic impact on the lives of our neighbors, business partners, customers and employees. Working directly with our national partners, we provide appropriate and timely support once the community has a clear understanding of post-disaster needs. Through donations of necessary product, employee donations and corporate support, Newell Brands is there in times of disaster.

In 2016, our Jostens brand assisted Louisiana schools worst hit by recent flooding by providing them free SchoolWay mobile app messaging service and financial relief via Jostens “Renaissance Rebuilds” grants.  All Jostens schools in federally declared disaster areas, which numbered over 100, were offered one free year of the company’s SchoolWay instant messaging mobile app service, which provides fast and reliable messaging for safe, one-way school communication. In addition to the free year of SchoolWay service, Jostens awarded schools in the federally declared disaster areas a “Renaissance Rebuilds” cash grant to help them get their classrooms back in order.

Employee Donations
nb-philanthropy-cancer-walk.jpgOur employees support causes that are dear to them through volunteer time as well as charitable donations. In locations around the globe, Newell Brands employees organize a variety of donation drives throughout the year that impact the lives of those living in communities where we operate. These donation drives have provided food, clothing and day-to-day necessities to the people in our communities who are in great need.

The community fund is an employee-funded charitable giving entity that has provided monetary grants to qualified charitable organizations in the U.S. and Canada. The fund has supported community development initiatives that support at-risk women, families and youth, and food programs. Since 2006, the community fund has donated more than $6 million in grants to non-profit organizations across the nation. By supporting organizations that provide needed services and resources to those who need it most, the community fund is able to make a significant impact in the communities where our employees and their families live and work.

“Back to School Bash” 
nb-philanthropy-back-school.jpgNewell Brands invests in initiatives that reflect what we value as a business—an entrepreneurial spirit, passion, interdependence, innovation, and a sense of what truly matters in our work and in our communities.

Newell Brands served as the premier sponsor for the 2016 Atlanta Public Schools’ Back-to- School Bash. The Back-to-School Bash is a free event open to 50,000 Atlanta Public Schools’ students and their families which offers basic get-ready-for-school services and resources. Newell Brands featured an interactive showcase of our products to engage attendees. Our employee volunteers served as brand ambassadors leading attendees car safety talks with our Graco® car and booster seats,  played games with our Rubbermaid® stackable food storage containers, and craft projects featuring our Mr. Sketch® crayons and Prismacolor® coloring pencils, as well as our Goody® hair brushes and elastics. In addition, Newell Brands also donated products including Paper Mate® pencils and Uni-Ball® pens in 5,000 backpacks which our employee volunteers also helped to distribute to ensure students start off the school year prepared.